Saturday, August 31, 2013


I'm about 6'2" (when i'm standing straight ;}P> ). That means i'm taller than about 95% of the folks i meet.

There are a few problems associated with being quite tall. Clothes can be a bit of a problem (not nearly as much as for very tall folk, though). I have occasionally nutted myself on doorsills or under houses. Shower heads are sometimes a problem. I have some medical problems which are vaguely associated with my height.

But i do receive many, many advantages from my height. I can usually see over crowds. I am much less likely to be victimized. Indeed, being tall confers a number of psychological bonuses from other folk, as numerous studies have proven. Folk are more likely to be nicer to me, or pay me attention, my opinion respect, to treat me better than they would, otherwise.

Do i feel guilty about this? Fcuk no. Do i forget that i'm the recipient of a number of benefits i would not otherwise accrue? Sometimes. But i try to keep it in mind. Sometimes i fail. Sometimes i say something insensitive, or even offensive on the odd occasion. I can even recall using the word "shortarse" stupidly (only once in fifteen-odd years, but the situation was not helped in that i was talking to someone who is very sensitive about their height... not a moment to be proud of). I don't beat myself up if i do forget, but i try and apologise, if an apology is in order.

You bet it's a metaphor.

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