Monday, December 29, 2008

Woodford Day 3

Here we are at the Standby Blog, due to livejournal being FAILjournal and me not having long enough to faff about.

Headliner band today is Kangaroo Moon, who played both the first Maleny Folk Festival, and the first Woodford (then the Maleny-Woodford Folk Festival, in an attempt to fool everybody into thinking the weather wouldn't blow goats).

Kangaroo Moon rock. I'd forgotten how much they rocked until I saw them play as the heavens were rent by thunder and lightning and the gush of the gods.

(I hope that worked.)

Suck of the day was the alleged Zen Master Poet. His Zen was broken, or was only a 5 minute Zen, many years ago. His poetry also blew goats. His haiku wasn't bad. It wasn't worth sitting through the bullshit, but it wasn't bad.

Right, they're about to turf me. Same time tomorrow!